CTA Scholarship Program

Honoring the Hispanic community the Chicago Tochito Academy kicks off the CTA Scholarship Program for kids whose parents are immigrants. The Soldados football team will recruit 10 prospects who will be part of the Academy at no cost. The CTA Scholarship Program will offer them the opportunity to be coached to develop their athletic skills.


The CTA will recruit five girls and five boys (ages 8-13) whose parents are immigrants. The 10 students will be selected in the Tryouts to be held on July 7 at Humboldt Park (4:30 pm); everyone eligible is welcome to apply for one of the ten scholarships.

Impact in the community

The program aims to help kids facing economic adversity so they can channel their energy as a catalyst to develop their athletic skills and learn the benefits of team work. The program intends to recognize their efforts to keep them motivated to be committed students-athletes. Four students will benefit their families by practicing an organized sport, having fun and joining the CTA for free.

The CTA Scholarship Program will develop their students to collaborate in the future as coaches in the CTA, and mentors of children in their neighborhoods. Ten families will benefit in the first stage of the program by getting growth opportunities for their kids.